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About Us

A Call to Action
In our high-tech global society, we are constantly bombarded with information from a large array of multimedia sources. To be successful, we must be able to:

For our students to be successful both today and in the future, we must provide them with these cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and adaptability, that they can add to their own cognitive toolboxes. These often-intangible skills are learned abilities that must be taught and constantly reinforced.

Our Values
Our purpose at Glacier Creek Publishing is to provide you with materials that you can use to make the time you’re already spending more meaningful and to provide students with instruction in the more intangible, but increasingly important, skills, such as critical thinking and cultural awareness. We believe that these crucially important skills should be taught at all grades and to students of all academic ability levels.

We value

check collaborative discussions and activities that enhance learning
check learning opportunities that lead students to internalize and integrate new ways of understanding
check teaching strategies and instructional materials that are inclusive and respectful of all cultures, experiences, and languages
check relevant texts that engage students on a deeper level
check comprehension instruction that goes beyond the surface level (what does it say) to a deeper level of understanding (what does it mean)
check methodologies that students can use to critically analyze information they encounter across the media (such as books, blogs, TV) for its accuracy, truth, and relevance.


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