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for Kindergarten
The Perspectives Kindergarten kit spans three reading levels. At each reading level, a pair of related books is accompanied by a teacher guide that includes support for up to five days of instruction.

Level A: Getting Dressed to Play in the Snow

In Snow Day and Play Day, a mother and daughter have different ideas about how much clothing the girl should wear to play in the snow. The teacher guide emphasizes point of view by reviewing students’ favorite items of clothing and weather, and engages students to analyze the characters’ points of view and the reasoning behind their point of view.
Level A: Getting Dressed to Play in the Snow

Level B: Who Is the Best?

Rhino Is Best and Ant Is Best are about a rhino and an ant who each think he/she is the best—the strongest, most skilled, and fastest. The teacher guide leads students to explore the idea that people’s or characters’ own points of view influence how they describe and make judgments about people, things, and events.
Level B: Who Is the Best

Level C: Cold/Warm Places

In Cold Places Are Best, a penguin tells why he thinks cold places are the best places to live. In Warm Places Are Best, a lizard tells why warm places are the best places to live. The teacher guide emphasizes how animals have adaptations that lead them to prefer to live in different climates. The point of view of the two animals is examined in the context of their different needs.
Level C: Cold/Warm Places

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